System changes and ‘improved’ customer service measures had been consistently spear-headed by upper management in a downstream approach. Customers and frontline staff were rarely consulted prior to implementation and so negative effects took up to 6 months to be rectified. 

  1. BulletReviewing the process for implementing service changes and recognising business risk factors

  2. BulletEngaging with frontline staff for input and improvements

“The project was presented to the board appointed to oversee the project and they have given it the green light - there will now be a business improvement KPI rolled out to all frontline teams”

Lesley Boyd

LEAN Project Manager

HBoS plc - Retail Division

  1. 1)Customers and staff should be given the tools to inform decisions about potential customer impact.

  1. 2)Encourage a culture shift amongst frontline staff to enable customer-led development.

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