The customer is always right is a concept that many customer service centres preach, but how many actually practice it? The retail division of HBoS is both the largest in the business and 100% customer facing. FSA regulation and general best practice demand minimising complaints where possible.  

Trace the cause and knock-on effects of customer complaints received over two months. Categorise them by both severity and financial cost to the business. Present a scalable method for collecting and monitoring complaints outside the confines of the existing TRAX complaint handling system. 

  1. BulletTeam-based process development

  2. BulletUncovering the severity of simple system errors

  3. BulletUnderstanding of complex system interdependencies

“We invited Garry onto the team as he consistently suggested ways of improving customer satisfaction through streamlining systems. His position within the frontline staff at RCC Dundee also gave us a head-start when speaking to staff and customers.”

Lesley Boyd

LEAN Project Manager

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