The opportunity arose whereby IamVIP was invited to take the photographs at a meet and greet with X-Factor star Diana Vickers. The fast-paced nature meant that the current method was simply too slow. This was an excellent opportunity to test customer opinion regarding alternatives.

Despite not having the technology in place, approach the customer to gauge response to:

  1. 1)Moving away from traditional/physical keychains.

  1. 2)How they manage their personal photograph collections.

  1. BulletWitnessing first-hand the inability of the current system to adapt to a faster-paced sales opportunity

  2. BulletUnderstanding how the photographs fit within the customer’s collections

“Keychains are great because I get them here and now, but I’m never quite sure what to do with them afterwards. I can’t exactly put them in my photo album”


IamVIP customer

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