The equipment needed for this service includes a full-size A4 photo printer and stock of typically 150 empty keychains. The combined weight is 15kg. Keychains are sold on the premise that they will be printed and presented within 15 minutes of the initial photograph.

  1. BulletResearching and testing near field communication (NFC) technologies.

  2. BulletAdapting the SMS technology used in the grapevine.fm project

“I hadn’t really thought about not doing it this way - people have just always been happy with keychains, though not everyone buys because the picture is quite small”

Stuart Cleghorn

IamVIP photographer

  1. 1)Can the equipment required be minimised or even removed to enable easier commuting between venues?

  1. 2)Investigate alternative methods of delivering the photographs to customers without devaluing the service.

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