The card sort and journey mapping exercises provided invaluable insight into what the user wanted and even highlighted alternate avenues. Now it was time to translate those results into a working prototype.

Bringing together the disparate aspects of the research is like putting a puzzle together. This stage saw a great deal of technological and cost constraints overcome by simplifying the overall design, a process I now see as benefitting the end result.

  1. BulletExploring various programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, and AS2 to enable interactions

  2. BulletDeveloping my knowledge of system architecture

  3. BulletImplementing reverse-billing SMS technologies to enable the service

“Without the screen I would’ve been skeptical that my text message had simply disappeared into the aether. The screen tells me what I need to know, and the reply text message tells me what I want to know.”

Dan Cruickshank

Laings Bar Manager

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