grapevine.fm as a service is almost invisible in its final form. You send a text message; you get one back; the music changes; it’s that simple. Under the hood however, many pieces of the jigsaw need to link in to make the service work, both on individual and business levels. 

The problem at this stage of the project was to prove the work had been done. All the research and processes needed to be documented. It needed a manual. With such a breadth and depth of information to catalogue, an innovative approach was required to keep the information digestible. The answer? An atlas.

  1. Sorting the information gathered and produced into digestible chunks

  2. Dealing with the graphic design/information architecture problem of laying out the content in a consistent yet eye-catching way

“Garry has an appropriately autistic approach to service detail and a strong understanding of business viability. His vision behind grapevine.fm is brilliant.”

Andy Law

Award Leader, Product Design

Edinburgh College of Art

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