Designing a niche service for the socially networked generation sounds like a fantastic challenge, but where to start? After considerable research I settled on music as the medium, but one person’s take on music can be wildly different to the next. I needed to speak to fans, real fans. 

How could I help fans better enjoy their music? Speaking to people at an event would undoubtedly give me the most passionate responses. To do this I had to become a fan, go to the gigs,  and interview the fans and artists.

  1. BulletFinding out that bands and artists find it difficult to get past their original fan base without social networking

  1. BulletWith commercial music failing to satisfy, music lovers were turning to alternate sources such as Soundcloud and MySpace

“...musicians are a friendly bunch of people, we listen to music and help others out all the time for fun, we just need more ways to do it.” 


Hustlers - Battle of the Bands ‘08

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