Matching Hardwood Floors (Wood, Vinyl & Laminate)

Choosing the right flooring for your home is a complicated process, but luckily there are a lot of options to choose from. In this blog post, we will give you a list of things to consider when picking the right flooring for your home so that you can make an informed decision.

When it comes to flooring, there are several popular choices for you to choose from, whether it’s bamboo, stone, laminate, hardwood, carpet, vinyl or cork.  Whether you’re looking for a new home or an upgrade, there are a variety of flooring options to choose from.  With so many choices, you might find yourself wondering which flooring is best for you.  In this post, I will cover hardwood floors, which are the most commonly used option.

Choosing the right flooring for your home can be an investment, so it’s important to get it right. To help you determine the type of floor you’d like to have in your home, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide with recommended options for floors in different rooms of your house. It’s also worth noting that hardwood flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners due to the many benefits it has to offer.

Here we share our matching hardwood floors guide including effective tips, factors to consider, and how to match hardwood to vinyl and laminate. Matching-Hardwood-Floors-Wood-Vinyl-Laminate Installing hardwood floors is generally one of the most selected options by homeowners, especially those who are living in mid to high-end houses. However, one other trend that starts to get people fascinated is by matching hardwood floors.

It isn’t tough to match hardwood flooring, after all. Enhancing the look of your flooring is a fantastic idea. It does, however, have a few drawbacks.

You may match hardwood floors to new or existing ones in a variety of ways. You’ll learn some suggestions and reminders in this post that will help you achieve a flawless transition and a well-polished flooring look.

What Is The Best Way To Match Hardwood Floors

1629317836_99_Matching-Hardwood-Floors-Wood-Vinyl-Laminate Here are some suggestions for successfully matching hardwood floors:

Tones must be matched

1629317837_391_Matching-Hardwood-Floors-Wood-Vinyl-Laminate You may attempt to match other floor kinds with comparable tones if the tones of your existing hardwood floors are already fading. Look for additional samples in the same color family and start combining them with your existing hardwood flooring.

Make sure you choose the color that is the closest match to your hardwood flooring. Because your furniture, rugs, and other decorations may hide minor color differences, the color you choose does not have to be exactly the same as the tones of your hardwood floors.

Staining to Order

1629317838_400_Matching-Hardwood-Floors-Wood-Vinyl-Laminate It’s not a good idea to stain and sand both the existing and newly hidden portions of your hardwood floors at the same time if they’ve been expanded.

It would be more reasonable to just use a custom-mixed stain that matches the existing hardwood stains.

This process typically entails blending bespoke stain colors until they begin to match the existing hardwood floors’ fading tones and stains. Learn more about the many kinds of hardwood flooring in our guide.

Process of T-molding

1629317838_438_Matching-Hardwood-Floors-Wood-Vinyl-Laminate Combining various kinds of wood flooring is frowned upon by many interior designers and experts, since it may make your home seem disorganized and unfocused. The T-molding technique, on the other hand, is one approach to solve this problem.

This method is often used to fill gaps in hardwood floors. This is also often utilized to conceal uneven and unusual cuts produced by two distinct hardwood flooring installations in doors.

T-molding draws attention to a small channel that runs between two gaps in the hardwood. The area will then be concealed with a rounded or square trim piece that nearly matches the existing hardwood flooring.

Use Stain Pens to Hide Floor Imperfections

1629317839_360_Matching-Hardwood-Floors-Wood-Vinyl-Laminate Hardwood flooring will develop scratches and nicks over time. And they would make it seem as though your hardwood floors aren’t linked. However, stain pens may be used to hide these localized problems.

Stain pens function similarly to paint pens. Simply begin pushing the white tip downward to allow the stain to soak into the tip.

Fill in all of the flaws and scratches on the floor using the stain pen. Make careful to use a slightly damp rug to remove all of the extra stain.

After the stain has dried, apply a second layer until all of the imperfections have faded.

The End-of-Molding-Process

1629317839_416_Matching-Hardwood-Floors-Wood-Vinyl-Laminate This method connects hardwood to other wood products or architectural features. Any surface that is filled with grout or mortal may benefit from the end-molding procedure. Make careful to put the end-molding on gaps while applying it. After that, use glue to fix the area.

Hardwood Floors that Match Existing Hardwood Floors

1629317840_692_Matching-Hardwood-Floors-Wood-Vinyl-Laminate Many individuals want to match their new hardwood floors to their old ones. Others, on the other hand, may believe that this is impossible to accomplish.

Existing hardwood flooring may really be matched with new or ancient hardwood floors. The transition between the floors will seem flawless if the procedure is followed properly.

When it comes to matching existing hardwood flooring, there are a few things to keep in mind:

The Hardwood Species You’re Working With

1628022439_830_What-Type-of-Flooring-Can-You-Put-Over-Ceramic-Tile Even though you’ll be combining two distinct kinds of hardwood flooring, their species may vary. There will be no match between two distinct species.

Some wood types, such as red oak, are relatively simple to match with other hardwoods, while others, such as maple, may be more difficult. Here’s where you can learn more about our maple hardwood flooring guide.

The state of your existing hardwood floor

1629317842_134_Matching-Hardwood-Floors-Wood-Vinyl-Laminate Some floor damage, such as large black stains produced by water, may be irreversible. If your old hardwood floors are faded, you may simply sand them along with the new hardwood floor, but some homeowners dislike this procedure.

Other than that, there aren’t any other simple methods to match hardwood flooring. Here’s where you can learn more about our guide to wood flooring prices.

The Age of Your Hardwood Floor

1629317842_969_Matching-Hardwood-Floors-Wood-Vinyl-Laminate The hue of the hardwood flooring will fade and alter over time. Maple hardwood, for example, has a golden hue when fresh. However, as time passes, its hue fades to a pale beige.

This will make matching very difficult, since new and old maple hardwoods will clash.

However, this is still a possibility. There are a number of staining techniques that may be used to match your current hardwood floors with new ones.

Vinyl Flooring that Blends in with Existing Hardwood

1629317843_300_Matching-Hardwood-Floors-Wood-Vinyl-Laminate It is feasible to match your current hardwood with vinyl flooring. This may be accomplished by using transition strips. A transition strip is a thin molding piece that connects two distinct kinds of flooring with differing elevations or tones.

It’s a piece of wood that’s put between two floors to provide a seamless and smooth transition. If you want to match vinyl to hardwood, this is a simple procedure.

Screws or sticky construction glue may be used to install transition strips. But keep in mind that the tones of your vinyl flooring should complement the hue of your current hardwood flooring.

Hardwood Floors and Laminate Flooring

1629317844_21_Matching-Hardwood-Floors-Wood-Vinyl-Laminate Hardwood and laminate flooring may be mixed and matched. You just need to ensure that their looks are very identical so that the shift is undetectable.

Transition strips are also used by some professionals to successfully match hardwood and laminate. Incorporating the T-molding technique is another way to make the matching process effective. On this page, you can read more about the advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring.

Choosing the right flooring for your home can be a daunting task. Not only do you need to choose the right wood, but you also need to choose the right color and pattern. How much do you know about hardwood floors?. Read more about mixing flooring types in-home and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you match vinyl plank to hardwood?

The plank is a wood product, so it should be able to match with any hardwood flooring.

How do you coordinate different wood floors?

The most common way to coordinate wood floors is by using a wood flooring adhesive. This glue will allow the two pieces of wood to be joined together in order to create one long, continuous piece of wood.

How do you transition two types of flooring?

You can transition from one type of flooring to another by using the slide button on your controller.

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