Attaching Metal Legs to Large Live Edge Slabs for a Robust Structure


Live-edge tables, with their stunning natural contours, deserve a base that matches their grandeur. This guide empowers you to transform your large live-edge slab by attaching metal legs for a robust structure. The process combines the beauty of nature with the strength of metal table legs, resulting in a conversation-starting table built to last. Let’s begin our lesson on how to attach table legs.

The Beauty of Live Edge Tables

Live edge tables are pieces of the natural environment brought into your house, not simply furniture. Live edge tables preserve the organic, natural curves of the tree from which they were made, in contrast to their routinely cut counterparts. Their distinct quality gives them an indisputable attractiveness and several advantages that improve any area. When choosing the right furniture legs for the live edge tops, you can effortlessly elevate the whole living space in your home.

Choosing the Right Metal Legs: Streamlining the Assembly of Live Edge Tables

After you’ve found the allure of live edge tables, let’s discuss how crucial it is to choose the ideal metal legs to finish your masterpiece. This is where you may add a personal touch and improve the functioning of your creation:

  • U-Shape Legs: For a touch of industrial chic, consider U-shaped legs. They provide excellent stability and create a strong visual statement, ideal for larger live-edge tables.
  • Trapezoid Legs: Your table will seem more modern with trapezoid legs that provide a touch of geometric interest.
  • X-Base Legs: Embrace an industrial-modern aesthetic with X-base legs. These create a strong visual statement and provide excellent stability, perfect for larger or heavier live edge tables.

Besides those common shapes of furniture legs, you may want to consider choosing other distinctive table legs designs with existing mounting plates and mounting holes. These will help you save time and effort and be easy to install. Steel table legs are also robust enough to support large live-edge tables without bending or wobbling.

Unique table leg designs can highlight the entire living space

How to Attach Metal Table Legs with Mounting Plates

How to attach table legs? There are 2 steps to attach table legs, depending on the type of leg and the material of your tabletop:

Gathering Materials and Tools

To put mounting plates on metal table legs, you’ll need the following supplies and equipment:

  • Screws: Screws are needed to secure the metal plates to the underside of the furniture.
  • Threaded inserts and bolts: A bolt with exposed threads is fastened onto the metal plate after being halfway inserted into the leg.
  • Drill: A power drill will be needed to drill the holes for the screws and nuts.

Specific Instructions

Here are the specific instructions for attaching metal table legs with mounting plates:

  • Leg positioning: Choose the location of the table legs in relation to the furnishings. For stability, the legs are usually positioned in every corner of the furniture.
  • Setting up the legs: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for attaching any accompanying mounting plates or brackets to the top of your table’s legs.
  • Putting the metal plates in place: The metal plates are fastened to the underside of your furniture with screws. The exposed threads of the bolt are tightened into the metal plate once it has been partially inserted into the leg. This offers a quick, simple, and affordable option that is ideal for applications with little force.
  • Attaching table legs: Align the square surface plates against the corners and screw the top part of the hanger bolt into the plate.
Installing furniture legs to live-edge tops

Ideas with Live Edge Tables for A Harmonious Space

Let’s explore various live edge table ideas and how they can contribute to a harmonious living space.

Live Edge Console Table

Live edge console tables create an intriguing focal point and bring the pure beauty of nature into any space. The living edge’s unique patterns and organic curves make mealtimes and get-togethers more enjoyable and memorable. They also provide a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

Live Edge Coffee Table

You may bring the captivating charm of natural wood into your house by adding live-edge coffee or end tables to your living room. These tables give the area personality and charm by acting as conversation starters and being useful surfaces for reading books or watching movies.

Combining Live Edge Slabs and Epoxy Resin

A meticulous and creative procedure is needed to transform untreated wood into a durable and eye-catching piece of furniture or décor using live edge slabs and epoxy resin. The glossy and protective properties of epoxy resin combined with the natural beauty of live edge wood allow you to create unique pieces that blend in seamlessly with the interior design of your house.

Finding new ideas for your stunning live-edge tables

The beauty of live edge tables lies in their unique character, and the furniture legs you’ve chosen further personalize your creation. Pre-drilled metal legs with mounting plates streamline the assembly process, allowing you to focus on the joy of crafting a one-of-a-kind piece. Let’s start by selecting your preferred leg design and creating your own centerpiece.

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