Bathtime Blues? Totally Revamp Your Bathroom For Bliss!

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Is your bath ritual one of those routine thoughts that make you feel gloomy or is it turning into something delightful? Are your bathroom mirrors showing stains, grimy grout, or peeling plaster? Has the mounting clutter and clutter of your bathroom become too much? Interestingly enough, if that’s the case, you are not alone. A recent survey indicates that there are millions of homeowners who are fighting the “bathroom blues”, people who wish to have a bathroom that gives off just the right amount of glitz and solace but isn’t sure how to achieve it. But fear not! It is time to say goodbye to the dull bathroom; you simply need to renovate your bathroom which can be the best retreat space in your home. Besides the easy functional improvement and nice aesthetics of your bathroom with a design upgrade, it will raise the price of your house, which is also a double advantage for comfort and investment.

Planning Your Bathroom Bliss

Taking just a few minutes to plan out a procedure can make a world of difference in case you want to end up going through the bathroom renovation successfully and enjoying it. Eat the first slice how much should you set aside? You should understand the kind of remodeling you may opt for, which may range from a simple touch-up to a complete overhaul, and the financial constraints you are operating with. Next, think about functionality. As a person who widely loves to apply makeup, I prefer to use my bathroom as more of a “vanity” space where I apply my makeup, rather than purely as a place to clean myself daily. Is big staying space necessary for your soaps? Does having a magnificent free-standing bathtub sound appealing, or do you strictly prefer a really large shower niche? The last point to consider is perhaps the ultimate goal you want to accomplish. Is this a minimalist spa with modernist elements or a rustic hideout for people who love the coziness of a lodge? Making a mood board of pictures, colors, and even fragrances can be a great tool in helping you picture the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Budget-Conscious Bathroom Bliss

Let’s face it toilet remodeling makes the bills grow. However, the sad news is, that it is perfectly possible to reach the status of bathroom royalty without spending a penny. One strategy to save is by visiting flea markets, local treasure troves, or even looking within your own home with a look at repurposing some used fixtures rather than replacing them entirely. You can even make the refurbishing process free by finding the kits for refinishing bathtubs, vanities, and hardware. Listing of kits allows you to refresh the look as well as saving you your money. In the case of flooring and tiles, check out laminate flooring or vinyl tiles as alternative, classy, and budget-friendly options that fake stone or wood.


If you are practically minded and confident in your DIY plans, maybe you can take some of the renovation process by yourself and this may save you loads of money. However, don’t be carrying things too exaggerated, for it may lead to disappointment and discouragement. The never-do-it-yourself rule regarding any complex plumbing or electrical work is always associated with a high price of making costly mistakes.

Functional Features for Everyday Bliss

The need for functionality shouldn’t be compromised while working towards creating a beautiful tool. The bathroom renovation is the process that involves: first, the functionality should be considered so that it can cater to your daily routine. Maybe just include a lot of storage options like cabinets, shelves, or organizing drawers to prevent clutter from mounting. Consider a wide variety of bathing styles like a large shower stall will sufficiently address the needs of a busy family thus a free-standing soaking tub could be the ultimate luxurious indulgence for stressed-out individuals.
In addition to these, you might want to consider installing electric underfloor heating kits for a warm and cozy experience, especially during the colder months.
Don’t forget about lighting. Use a mixture of ceiling lights for overall use as well as counter lights adding a vanity at the counter for grooming. Using dimmers opens an opportunity to not only adjust the lighting for its functionality but also change it to create the desired mood.
Given a chance, it can be best to make the preparations and integrate the accessible features since you might intend to keep the place for either short-term or long-term living. Near the shower tray or bathtub grab bars and a shower stool will ensure that your bathroom is accessible for everyone and comfortable as well.

Creating a Spa-Like Retreat

Visualize the moment where you just finished your morning shower and feel yourself pampered like you are in a luxurious spa. Which becomes a real thing with undertaking the process thoughtfully. Brilliant colors are associated with the feelings of enthusiasm which are perfect for some places where we need to get some energy. However, there are times when we wish to escape the noise and calming serene blues, soft greens, or light neutral colors can definitely contribute to that tranquil atmosphere that we are looking for. The plush towels, the textured bath mats, and the smooth surfaces of natural stone with a touch of luxury give calmness. Using the lighting right stalking is the most important thing these may be sconces on either side of the vanity mirror for task lighting and wire LED strips will create the soft and ambient glow.


Besides weaving in natural elements to keep the spa ambience, other features can be incorporated to ensure an uninterrupted experience. On your windowsill, set up a mini potted plant. Additionally, refill a diffuser with relaxing essential oil elements e.g. lavender and chamomile. The rain sounds, especially the background music that matches with different types of weather can also add on to the feeling of a unique mindful escape.


A bathroom renovation is buying peace of mind where you feel good with yourself. Through the well thought-out planning, the prioritization of functions, and integrating the design elements that motivate you be free from stress, you can rejuvenate your bathroom from an area of uninviting bathtime feelings to a place of you being at pure mind. Remember to also look for porta potty toilet rentals while your bathroom is under renovation. Now you can have joy with your People Pinboard, search online and the local showrooms, and just prepare to develop your dream bathroom oasis.

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