Eight Garage Design Ideas to Revamp Your Space

Are you looking to revamp your garage? Here are some ideas to help you create an aesthetic, functional garage.

Optimize Your Vertical Space

You can fit way more stuff in your garage if you optimize your vertical space. Most items in your garage are not needed on a daily basis. So you can store them up high. Get as much as you can off of the floor in order to maximize the available space in your garage.

Install a Garage Door Made of Glass

Glass garage doors don’t just provide sleek aesthetics, they are also very energy efficient. They allow you to not have to use electricity in order to provide light to your garage in the daytime. Glass garage doors are lightweight and help with the quiet operation of your garage.

Organize Your Tools

Tool organization is a must. Whether you’re doing regular car maintenance or caring for a totaled car, you want to make sure you aren’t wasting time sifting through a cluttered mess of tools.

Utilize Pegboards for Storage

You can hang a pegboard on the wall on which you can display and store tools that you frequently use.

This can enhance the organization and aesthetics of your garage.

Make Your Garage a Man Cave

If you wish to make your garage a man cave, it will need, at the minimum, entertainment, seating, wall decor, a refrigerator and a television. Additional things you could add to it include a bar, a workshop, a pool table or arcade games.

Label Absolutely Everything

One thing you can do in order to clear up space in your home and take advantage of the space in your garage is to store whatever you don’t use regularly in your garage.

However, if you do this, label everything you store in the garage so you don’t have to waste time digging through everything whenever you want to find one specific thing.

Stack Storage Bins Vertically

A great storage system for garages in order to organize and separate equipment is using plastic storage bins. Stack these storage bins vertically in order to save your floor space, and consider building storage towers so each bin sits on a shelf rather than on top of the bin below it, making it quicker and easier to access, say, the bottom bin.

Make Your Garage a Gym

Do you have gym equipment which is practical, yet not exactly aesthetically pleasing? Your garage is a great spot for this equipment. Doing this will get your gym equipment out of the rest of your home. It will also provide you with a nice place to work out where you can have a breeze to cool you down.

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