How to Choose the Right Size Coffee Table for Your Living Room


Choosing a coffee table is not just a task, it is a real challenge. Why? Having the right coffee table is not only choosing an object that will be present in the space, it is also the table on which you will drink your morning coffee, the furniture around which you will be gathered with the closest people, and the furniture that would fit in completely in the space and the arrangement.

Since this challenge is not at all easy and requires preparation and knowledge, today we decided to prepare you and tell you the best way to choose the ideal coffee table for your living room. So, follow us to the end because we are prepared with detailed guidelines that will help you find the one that will fit the most and best in the living room.

The Most Important Thing to Start with is to Know How Much Space you Have for Your New Coffee Table

Furniture stores around you, but especially online brands like Serena & Lily have a really large selection of coffee tables that would fit perfectly into your home decor. However, to begin with, it is important to know how much space you have available. It is best to measure how much space you have so that you can choose the right coffee table for the space. Accordingly, you could also know whether you will choose a square, rectangular, or round table. So take your metro and measure the space, then choose.

Choose a Coffee Table at the Height of the Sofa

When choosing this type of furniture, that is, an accessory in the living room, it is important to do it in the right way. And how to really choose the coffee table? Of course, again by measurement. Just kidding, this time all you need is the model you want to be at the height of your sofa. Of course, it doesn’t have to be at a specific height, but still, it would be good if it was at the approximate height of the sofa. Are you wondering why? Because every guest, and even you as tenants of the home, will be able to take things from the table more easily while sitting, without bending too much. Therefore, when choosing, choose accordingly.

What is the Right Shape – A Cube, Rectangular, or Round Coffee Table?

If you are in doubt about the right shape for a coffee table in your living room, then it is good to know that there is no ideal shape. It’s all about taste and aesthetics, but also about decorating your home and living room. If your arrangement has sharp lines, it would be good to choose a cube table, and if you have more rectangular shapes and figures, then it is good to choose a rectangular table. Round tables are for those minimalistic spaces, so this is an ideal solution if you have a space where minimalism prevails.

And What to Decide Regarding the Colors of Your Coffee Table?

Tastes in home decoration are not discussed, but we would still give our opinion in choosing the ideal coffee table for your home. When choosing between several colors, it is important to be guided again by the color that predominates in the space.


So, for example, if you decorate in a minimalist way, here black and white colors prevail here and accordingly you should choose a coffee table in one of these colors. However, if other colors prevail in the home, it is good to choose a neutral look, i.e. a glass coffee table or another option that would fit perfectly.

What Should be the Surface of the Coffee Table?

This is also a question that creates a dilemma for your buyers. What is the ideal table surface you ask? The answer is as follows – the ideal surface depends on the placement of the couch in the room, whether you have stools and armchairs, and how many people usually come to visit for a coffee party. In addition, if you want it not to be too bulky, it is good to choose two smaller tables according to the latest trends, which you will place next to each other. So don’t let this question weigh you down too much. All you need is to know the dimensions of the space in which you will place it, as well as the style details that you will follow when purchasing the coffee table.


In front of you are the answers to a large number of questions that we believe have created ambiguities for you, but also directions that we believe will show you the way to the ideal coffee table for your home. Therefore, all that is required is to look at them and continue the search, which we believe will end successfully.

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