How to Modernize a Split-Level Home Exterior: Your Guide to Aesthetic Upgrades

Split-level homes, a product of the post-war housing boom, often get overlooked in today’s real estate market. They’re frequently viewed as outdated or less desirable compared to other home styles. However, with some creativity and planning, these how to modernize a split-level home exterior diamond-in-the-rough properties can be transformed into modern marvels. I’m here to offer tips and insights on how to breathe new life into split-level exteriors.

Firstly, it’s crucial to recognize that split-level homes have unique architectural features that should be highlighted rather than hidden. Their staggered floor levels create distinctive rooflines and entryways which can become focal points of your design. Secondly, updating the materials used on your home’s exterior is an effective way to make a dramatic impact.

Finally, don’t forget about landscaping! It plays an integral role in complementing your home’s newly updated look. So let’s delve deeper into how you can take these steps toward modernizing your split-level home exterior.

How to Modernize a Split-Level Home Exterior

Before we can dive head-first into the world of modernizing split-level home exteriors, it’s crucial to take a good hard look at what we’re starting with. I’m talking about assessing your current exterior. Now, this isn’t just a casual glance-over we’re discussing here. It’s about taking note of each detail and understanding how every element contributes to the overall aesthetics.

First off, let’s start by scrutinizing the materials used in your split-level home exterior. Are they traditional – like brick or wood siding? Or maybe it’s an older style stucco? Either way, jot down whatever you see as these details will be instrumental when planning for a modern makeover.

Next up on our assessment checklist is color schemes. While some might overlook this aspect, believe me when I say that colors play a huge role in setting the tone how to modernize a split-level home exterior for any architectural design. So don’t skip this step! Document all existing colors – from your main walls to window trims and doors.

How to Modernize a Split-Level Home Exterior

Structural elements are also key players in shaping up the personality of your house exterior. So take note of any arches, columns, roof lines or other distinct features that currently exist.

Lastly but not least important is landscaping around your house – everything from trees and shrubs to driveways and walkways needs to be taken into account during our assessment phase.

By thoroughly evaluating these aspects – materials, color scheme, structural elements and landscaping – you’ll have a comprehensive overview of what changes could potentially breathe new life into your split-level home’s exterior while keeping its unique charm intact.

Choosing Modern Design Elements

Embarking on the adventure that is modernizing a split-level home exterior, I’ve discovered it’s all about choosing the right design elements. The transformation can be truly spectacular with the appropriate choices.

One of the first things to consider is color. I’ve noticed that most modern homes lean towards neutral tones – think shades of gray, white, and black. These colors give your home a sleek and contemporary feel while allowing room for creativity in other areas such as landscaping or outdoor art.

How to Modernize a Split-Level Home Exterior

Next up, let’s talk materials. A big trend in modern architecture is blending multiple materials on the exterior. You might see wood combined with metal or stone how to modernize a split-level home exterior mixed with glass. This not only adds visual interest but also creates a unique look that sets your house apart from others on the block.

Lighting plays an important role too! Outdoor lighting can highlight architectural features and create an inviting ambiance after dark. Plus, it’s a safety feature – well-lit exteriors deter potential burglars.

Lastly, don’t forget about landscaping – this is where you can really let your personality shine through! Opt for low-maintenance plants if you’re not much of a gardener or go bold with colorful flowers if you have more time to dedicate to upkeep.

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