The World Boxing Council


The World Boxing Council (WBC) stands as one of the most prestigious and influential organizations in the sport of boxing. The website provides online betting that can be made on many matches overseen by this organization.

Established on February 14, 1963, by a group of boxing enthusiasts including former boxer and lawyer Luis Spota, the WBC was founded with 3 objectives in mind, which were:

  • elevate the sport;
  • ensure fair competition;
  • and protect the rights and well-being of boxers worldwide.

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A Respected Organization

From its inception, the WBC aimed to set new standards of professionalism and integrity in boxing. It sought to provide a transparent and impartial platform for organizing championship bouts and ranking fighters across different weight divisions.


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The organization quickly gained recognition for 3 particular things: its commitment to enforcing rules, promoting safety measures, and combating corruption in the sport.

Central to the WBC’s operations is its system of world championship titles. The WBC sanctions and oversees numerous championship belts. At 1xBet you can bet on cricket but also in those championships too.

They include the prestigious WBC World Championship belt, which is awarded to the reigning champion in each weight class. These titles are highly coveted by fighters and serve as a symbol of excellence and achievement in the boxing world.

Regulating The Sport

In addition to organizing championship fights, the WBC plays a vital role in regulating the sport and advocating for the rights of boxers. For this reason, visiting to wager on everything related to the WBC can be a great idea.

The organization establishes rules and regulations governing various aspects of boxing. 3 examples of them are weight limits, drug testing protocols, and competition guidelines. It also provides support and resources to boxers. This comes in 3 forms: medical assistance, financial aid, and career development opportunities. For those reasons, wagering on boxers endorsed by the WBC through the 1xBet platform can be a terrific opportunity.


Today, the WBC continues to play a central role in shaping the landscape of professional boxing. With its unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and the well-being of boxers, the organization stands as a beacon of integrity and leadership in the sport. As boxing continues to evolve and grow on the global stage, the WBC remains at the forefront.

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