What to Do When You Are Wrongfully Fired


Imagine the following scenario: you get to work and see that your desk has been cleared, and you have been laid off without notice and without an evident reason. Of course, you will feel embarrassed carrying your personal goods out of the door.

Getting fired is not an ideal position for the employee and, in some cases, for the employer as well.

So, the question is, how do you deal with a situation where you are fired? For a favorable outcome, you might want to follow the road map below.

Mind Your Thoughts

Getting fired when you don’t know the reason yet can put a heavy toll on your mental health, especially when you haven’t been sticking to a budget and you haven’t been working on establishing an emergency fund.

Speaking of the emergency fund, we cannot stress enough the importance of having one, irrespective of how good your job is today. Another pandemic might happen, or you might get fired out of the blue, which is where the emergency fund can serve as the contingency plan to rely on while you look for another job.


Nonetheless, getting back to the scenario where you might get fired, you will want to mind your thoughts and focus on the positive aspects. Venting your anger and dwelling on the negative thoughts won’t allow you to get back on your feet; however, if you shift your mindset and see the previous job as a learning opportunity, you will start to see the positive sides, which include the personal and professional development, networking, and industry experience.

The positive aspects you gained will certainly help you with your next move, which is to upgrade and get a better position – or – start your own business.

When you are looking for new job opportunities, you might have to deal with the question of why you left your previous job, so you will want to prepare a positive response to this question.

Know Your Rights

All employees have rights, and most employees don’t know much about them. Speaking of rights, you should know that severance packages after employment are absolutely negotiable, which is why you might need to get in touch with a professional attorney who can help you with the needful.


Usually, here is what companies do: they will share their policies with you, which include paying for a few weeks when you get fired. In reality, there is so much more to the budget when it comes to sudden termination, especially wrongful termination.

So, before you accept a severance package, you will want to protect your rights and ensure that you are compensated with what is rightfully yours by consulting with a professional attorney. The professional lawyer will assess the case, and since they understand the law and the court proceedings well, they will instantly detect potential issues of wrongful termination.

The lawyer can negotiate the severance package on your behalf and bring your ex-employer to the court. As your ex-employer would rather settle than proceed with the court, you expect severance pay for every year that you worked with the company.

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