5 Fun Ideas for Your Nautical-Themed Room


Decorating different rooms in your home according to specific themes is a fun and creative way to tackle interior design. For those with the ocean in their hearts, a nautical theme is simply a no-brainer for an office, living room, or bedroom theme.

If you want to bring the peace of the sea and the spirit of adventure into your home, here are a few fun ideas to get your brain juices flowing and help you design something truly special.

Nautical Navigation and Weather Instruments

Our first idea is to use a beautiful compass or a hand crafted barometer to show off maritime history in a stylish way.

Placing a stunning brass compass or barometer on a shelf or desk feels exploratory and will give off an authentic nautical vibe. If you or your partner have actual sailing experience, these instruments will be extra special to you, honoring your involvement in seafaring and highlighting your lasting love for the sea.

Anchor Wall Art

If you want to make a big nautical statement, an anchor is the obvious way to go! Whether you decide to hang up anchor-oriented wall art or even put an actual anchor (or a mock) on the wall, this will make an excellent focal point.

You could pick a big wooden anchor, a metal sculpture, or a painting and opt for shades of navy blue, turquoise, and white to imitate the colors of the ocean. It could be a good idea to use these colors to paint your door or wall, too.

Ship Wheel Décor

Another great option for a wow-factor statement piece is a ship’s wheel. This could go on the wall as a decorative piece instead of an anchor, or it could act as a centrepiece on a table for your next dinner party!


You can also pick a ship wheel that matches your overall aesthetic or the style of the room – they come in loads of shapes and sizes, from sleek, modern metal to ancient wooden pieces. If you don’t want to go big, you can find smaller model wheels, little décor pieces, or wall art.

Rope Accents

You can give your space a genuine, rustic, nautical vibe by including some rope elements in the room as well.

Make curtain tiebacks out of strong ropes, hang a rope mirror on the wall, or arrange coiled ropes in a pretty bowl. Rope and twine can also be used for countless DIY projects like coasters, candlestick holders, or even decorating a side table. This element doesn’t need to be in-your-face, but could rather be present in subtle accents.

Nautical Maps and Charts

Another great idea for wall art is incorporating nautical maps and charts into your space. Frame maps of your favourite coastlines or hang up an old-fashioned chart displaying historical sea routes. You can display nautical routes you’ve travelled or routes you’d hope to voyage along someday in the future – or even just a map or chart that looks cool!


These not only look stunning on your wall but can also add a touch of personalisation by highlighting places that are special to you and your family.

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